14th Dec 2018

Bingo Players and Superstitions

Did you know? Bingo players tend to be very superstitious when it comes to the game. Some believe in lucky charms, lucky pens, lucky numbers and certain colors of daubers. Some even have lucky chairs, clothes and underwear. It is not surprising to se…

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13th Dec 2018

Are bingo daubers just for bingo?

Bingo daubers have found their way into the hands of creative teachers, crafters, and do-it-yourselfers everywhere. Perhaps the most popular use for daubers outside the bingo hall is in the classroom. With just one quick internet search, you’ll find…

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6th Dec 2018

Can I make my own Bingo Daubers?

Yes! The component materials, including bottles, ink, and tips can be found at bingo supply websites. Making your own bingo daubers offers the possibility for infinite customisation – with some of the glitziest players even choosing sequins and Swaro…

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